Sunday, May 31, 2009

CryptoWA #2 - Lady of The Lake - 1940

Lots of cars and people have gone missing in Lake Crescent over the last century, and they tend to stay that way.

There have been exceptions. This depicts Hallie Latham Illingworth, a lady whose body was dumped in Lake Crescent and subsequently turned to soap. This was due to unique properties of the lake, including incredible depth, low nitrogen content and high calcium. Nobody was more surprised when she popped to the surface three years later than her murderer husband, who was extradited, arrested and convicted thanks to the evidence found on the perfectly preserved (if rather soapy) corpse.

I went swimming in Lake Crescent years before I ever heard of the Lady of The Lake, and there was something genuinely creepy about the place. You can see more than a hundred feet down the steep cliffs at the water's edge. It's the only time I ever experienced vertigo while swimming.


CryptoWA #1 - Kenneth Arnold - 1947 - Mount Rainier

This is the first picture in a series portraying a oddities and strange events from my home state of Washington.

Whether or not you believe Kenneth's Arnold's account of seeing nine disc-like shapes, it's a great story and is generally regarded as the first modern UFO sighting, kicking off a period of saucer hysteria in the late 1940's.

Interesting side note: When researching his plane, a pilot friend directed me to a website that tracks planes using their call letters. Arnold's CallAir A2 is still flying! It's currently owned by somebody down in Florida.


Self Portrait of The Artist as A Spastic Gamer

This is pretty much how I look on the weekend. And weekdays.


Happy Robotic Anniversary

I finally got around to finishing a picture I planned to make for my friends Dan and Ada. This is my first attempt at a quasi-diorama approach. Since it was exactly three years late, I disguised it as an anniversary present.


It was free

I've been doing enough non-game stuff lately, I figured I'd just start another blog. I can easily ignore two blogs for the price of one, thanks to the fine folks at Google.

This is where I plan to post pictures I've been doing in a semi-diorama style, hence the name. Other pieces may show up now and then too.