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OddWA #12 - Drake on Bellingham Bay

It's fun illustrating stories I've gathered over the years in the CryptoWA picture series, but here's one of my own. There is a bit of truth here with just enough spit and bailing wire to hold it together -- Just what a good yarn needs. This is a work of pure speculation. Still, I have to admit, I had fun concocting this one.

Sir Francis Drake, all around dashing hero and Queen Elizabeth's would-be squeeze, landed somewhere on the west coast of North America on June 17th, 1579. He stayed for over a month, repairing his ship and hobnobbing with the local populace. Drake named the land he found "New Albion," a poetic name for Olde England. Just the thing to win points with his gal Elizabeth, a.k.a. his Monarch with The Power of Life and Death.

But where was New Albion? Plenty of historians stick with the latitude given in Drake's official account, Encompassing The Globe, written in 1582. That pegs his landing at 38 degrees, 30 minutes north latitude, somewh…