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OddWA #17 - That Sinking Feeling

It's amazing what can transpire on a single, odd, triangular piece of ground. Northwest locals may recognize the Sinking Ship parking garage from Seattle's Pioneer Square. If you're in the market for a cursed piece of land, this fixer upper has loads of potential.
Some local historians think this is the site of the original Suquamish fishing camp of Chief Seattle (Sealth). The remaining history includes the town hanging trees and an owner who mysteriously dropped dead. Maybe it's the shape of the lot? Seattle's assortment of founding fathers each started building their own street grids at different angles. When the streets finally met up, odd locations like this one were pretty common.

The Occidental Hotel, just right of center. Copyright the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
For a time, this was the location of the Occidental Hotel. This grand structure with it's mansard rooftop and column-festooned fa├žade presided over the intersection starting in 1884. But …