Sunday, February 6, 2011

CryptoWA #22 - Kennewick Man

When Kennewick Man was unearthed in 1996 nobody could have guessed at the controversy that would soon surround the 9,000 year old skeleton. Everything from ownership of the remains to his genetic origins stoked a bitter debate between Native Americans and scientists. As the debate raged, nobody chose to point their finger at the most obvious culprit: Kennewick Man himself.

That's right. He's trouble.

A simple Internet news search for "Kennewick Man" turns up countless stories of his misdeeds. The headlines listed here are all real, and they don't even begin to cover the scope of this one-skeleton crime spree. How much longer must our state suffer the depredations of this prehistoric malcontent?

I'm with the Native Americans. Let's get him back in the ground. The sooner, the better.