Monday, August 3, 2009

CryptoWA #8 - Jim Carter's Run

I'll say one thing for accounts of Washington's Bigfoot: they kick ass. This is no peaceful root munching pacifist, placidly wandering our remote forests. This Bigfoot will mess you up, and then some.

One such story is of an experienced mountaineer and skier name Jim Carter, who went up Mount St. Helens in May of 1950 and never came down.

Carter apparently told his climbing buddies he would wait for them downslope and take their picture when they went past near Dog's Head. When they came down the hill, Carter was gone. Only an empty film box and the tracks of Carter's skis were found. Carter had apparently taken off on a mad dash, jumping "2 or 3" crevasses, "taking chances no skier of his caliber would take." The tracks lead over the edge of Ape Canyon.

No trace of Carter was ever found. In an interview with the Longview Washington Times from 1963, one of the search team members concluded that "the apes got him."

I have two questions about all this. First, what ended up on the film in Carter's camera? Second, is the plural of Bigfoot "Bigfoots" or "Bigfeet?"